The Morning Line: Monster Energy Buck Off at the Garden - Round 2


  • Cooper Davis has a favorable matchup against Spin Machine.
  • J.B. Mauney has a chance at career ride 502 when he takes on Mr. Miller.
  • Kaiquqe Pacheco has won two rounds on Little Red Jacket.

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NEW YORK – The riders did well on Friday night, riding about half the bulls out in the first round. The guys who didn’t get a score last night really need to convert here to salvage any hopes of getting to the championship round and winning the event.

Mason Lowe on A19 Bezerk:

Lowe got a score in Round 1 and he has a chance to pick up another one here. This looks like a great matchup for him on paper. Bezerk has been ridden more often by right-handed riders, but the reason for that is that the better riders he’s faced happen to have been right-handed. He goes to the left pretty consistently, and he can be challenging for a right-handed guy. He won’t be a day off for Lowe.

Cooper Davis on 124 Spin Machine:

It’s a good policy to never bet against a world-class rider on any bull with the word “spin” in his name. This bull, like Bezerk, has a weaker record against right-handed riders, but actually goes to the left. He is an easier bull to ride than Bezerk in general, because he has better timing and tends to stay hooked into a tight spin. He’s 1-7 against the highest-rated riders he’s faced. Davis should be a big favorite here.

Luciano de Castro on 319 Dirt Man Do:

Castro has a score from Round 1 and one of the best draws in the round for his second bull. Like Lowe and Davis, he’s probably going to have to go away from his hand, but Dirt Man Do has been equally good to riders of either hand. He’s similar to the bull Davis has in that he has great timing and is predictable. He should be a good fit for Castro.

J.B. Mauney on 672 Mr. Miller:

Mauney started his year off with two rides over 87 points last night, and he’s probably not going to take Saturday off. We don’t know too much about Mr. Miller, but he has three outs on record and gave up three rides. It’s not that hard to fall off an easy bull, and Mauney has done that at times in the past, but the odds are with the rider in this matchup. For a bull who is struggling to buck anyone at all off, facing Mauney isn’t really the remedy for that.

Tanner Byrne on A61 Switch Hitter:

Byrne drew well here. Switch Hitter has been ridden in half of his career outs. He’s among the easier bulls in Round 2, but he’s also a bull that can deliver a high enough score. In any long round at this level, riders really need a score of 87.5 or more to get into contention for a round win, and having a bull that’s good enough to get there is half the battle.

Kaique Pacheco on 978 Little Red Jacket:

Little Red Jacket has delivered a lot of round wins for riders throughout his career. Pacheco has faced him four times before and has three qualified rides and two round wins to show for it. This should be the marquee matchup of the night, and Pacheco should get the job done. The biggest question here is whether the bull has lost a step or if he’s strong enough to get Pacheco a big score.

Cody Campbell on 215 Roll of the Dice:

This may be the best overall draw in the round for a right-handed rider. He has near perfect timing, no tricks, and he consistently spins to the right. Campbell bucked off Friday night, but he has a chance to make up for it in a big way here.

Cody Teel on 817 Foxhole:

Teel bucked off in round one, but he rode well in the 15/15 round on a bull very similar to this one. Foxhole has been ridden three times in four career outs, and Teel will probably win this matchup.

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